Explain how ChakerNet collects and stores information collected in connection with the ChakerNet services.

On the other hand, you resume dealing with this image. If you agree to this sharing, please do not install the services or register for it. ChakerNet reserves the right to amend this business policy in reasonable times, please review it frequently. ChakerNet has determined that your continued use of the Services signifies your acceptance of changes to this Privacy Policy.

Non-personal data

For private purposes, personal data “information that does not directly identify you. Types of personal data that are uploaded, for example, but not limited to: application properties, including, but not limited to, application name, business name and installed icon. On your device, your in-game logins (including as quickly as you want) will be disclosed to all ChakerNet users.

Personal data may be used for personal data collected and disclosed to ChakerNet partners and contractors for the purposes of analyzing the use of services, serving advertisements, providing, providing and providing services and other services of ChakerNet services.

You understand and agree that the Traffic and Analytics used by ChakerNet may combine the information collected with other information that they have independently collected from services or other products related to your activities. This information about our products collects their own policies.

Personal Data

For private purposes, personal data, personally identifiable information that specifically identifies you.

Personal information collected by ChakerNet is information that you voluntarily provide to us when creating your account or changing your account

Information. Attract information facebook id, name, gender, location and your facebook friends. ChakerNet also stores game check-ins, likes, dislikes, recommendations and messages.

ChakerNet is used to provide related data services, linking them to some related services, linking them together, and linking them to some services associated with ChakerNet. ChakerNet Personal Collection.

Please contact the network of social networks for additional information. In these cases, ChakerNet may collect certain information from its social network profile, such as, but not limited to, your name, profile picture, gender, email address, your country, language and region, your business website and the links on your profile page. Profile, names, photos and your profile. Your social media and other information that you have included on your social site profile. Collected by ChakerNet and / or obtained through these social media sites,

Disclosure of personal data

ChakerNet collects and processes personal data on a voluntary basis and is not in the business of selling your personal data to third parties. Personal data is disclosed in some areas of information dissemination, applicable legislation and this Privacy Policy. In addition, ChakerNet's personal data is preserved.

ChakerNet may employ agents and contractors to collect personal data and personal data about ChakerNet and in these cases, personal data and personal data about ChakerNet in these cases is a subject related to agents and contractors using your personal data for their marketing purposes. ChakerNet may use third-party service providers such as processors, email providers, freight forwarders, data analysts, and business information providers. Report by ChakerNet ChakerNet, Responsible for Actions and Revival of Third Parties, Third District

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